Details for the Tullnerfelder Fieldday Spring 2018

Dear Amateur Radio Friends,

we kindly invite you to participate in our Tullnerfelder Fieldday Spring 2018 (ADL 305).


Date/Time: 20.04.2018 12:00 pm (Friday) - 22.04.2018 06:00 pm (Sunday) (local time)

Location: The ADL 305 (Tulln-Stockerau, Lower Austria) Fieldday takes place again at the open area of the nuclear power plant Zwentendorf - the only one that never went into service.

The location offers generous open space and a low noise level. It is close to the river Danube - best conditions to work for everyone!

Nearby the areal you will find the restaurant "Bärndorferhütte" (

Coordinates: 48°21'23.6"N 15°52'52.4"E or 48.356554, 15.881213 ( )

 You can park your car or motor caravan close to your workstation

Boat: Embarkation point at river (Danube) kilometre 1976,6 is within reach

Instruction-frequency: club frequence (144,575 Mhz) FM

Bad weather: Should the weater forecast indicate extremely bad weather, we will announce a short-term schedule shift

Electrical power:
 We can provide electrical power supply at demand


The organizing team of ADL 305 (Tulln-Stockerau) is looking forward to your participation and a great amateur radio weekend! Special QSL card guaranteed.

Best 73,
Herwig (OE3HAU), Willi (OE3ZW), Michael (OE3MBZ), Walter (OE3DWA), Christian (OE3DEC), Ernst (OE3IDE)


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OE3XAS/p - QSL-Card